Arrange a Referral

All arrangements for any referral can be entirely managed by our team here at EDC.

Just get in touch and we will offer advice, help and begin the process of arranging the claim for you.

Please note that while we are veterinary surgeons, we always strive to ensure all referrals are carried out on a strict ethical basis with the full support and informed co-operation of your own veterinary surgeon. We are always happy to contact your vet for you if your horse is referred directly from an EDT, or by you. It is your choice who treats your horse, but we would like to, and have an ethical obligation to work closely with your own vet.

We will also ensure sure a report is supplied after the treatment is completed, including to your EDT if required. We can also help with claiming direct from insurance companies.

    Who has referred you to us?

    VetEDTI am arranging this myself - I would like you to contact my vet and / or EDT

    Is your horse insured for vet’s fees? YesNo

    Would you like us to manage a direct claim for you? YesNo

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