Equine Dental Clinic ‘Key Skills’ CPD Series

Dentistry education and training by specialist referral practice.

EDC Key Skills Courses provide the foundations for everyday routine dentistry to challenging extraction techniques, basic endodontic therapies and standing surgeries.

  • The courses run over 3 days with small group practical tuition and discussion sessions with Diplomate level experienced tutors, the focus being on practical sessions. Reduced price equipment purchase available. The complete series covers all requirements for CertAVP (Equine Dentistry).
  • All courses will develop your skills in line with recent developments in research, equipment and techniques and enable you to provide your clients with a modern, up to date equine veterinary dental service
  • We offer a reduced price package for all 4 courses, or select individual courses to suit your knowledge and skill level. A sponsored course dinner is included in the course registration fee.
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