Our Clinic

The main premises at Equine Dental Clinic were purpose built and opened in 2016.

The clinic is in a quiet rural location which means we are able to perform intricate dental procedures in peace and quiet.

We have parking in the yard with a field opposite for larger lorries, a reception area with seating, offices, pharmacy, lavatory, and spacious clinic area with stocks. The clinic has 3 large wall-mounted television monitors (one in reception mirroring the clinic) to allow us to visualise oral procedures in high quality enlarged view, which also means clients have an immersive experience helping them to understand the nature of the problem and treatment performed.

We are happy to perform both routine and advanced referral work here at the clinic, and we are happy for clients to stay and watch procedures either in the clinic, from reception through a viewing window, or just by sitting on one of the sofas, with a cup of frothy coffee with the procedure viewed on the reception wall mounted television screen.

Diagnostic Imaging

As well as digital x-ray facilities, we also have a 16-slice Siemens computed tomography (CT) scanner installed at the clinic. This machine produces high quality 3-dimensional reconstructions of the horses’ head enabling us to see ‘inside’ the skull and teeth. This is an extremely useful and high quality diagnostic machine, which allows us to plan very efficiently and effectively for some more advanced cases such as sinus surgeries, skull fractures and endodontic procedures. We are happy to take referrals for CT and then advise on and perform any treatment required.

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