Buying a horse? Get the teeth checked by us first. 

Before making the decision to purchase a horse, whether a child’s pony, a breeding stallion or a performance horse, we highly recommend a five stage pre-purchase examination.

The standard BEVA pre-purchase examination certificate in the UK states ‘a detailed examination of the mouth has not been performed’. This means pathology of the mouth and teeth is often missed. At EDC we would highly recommend a thorough oral examination by oral endoscopy prior to purchasing a horse. We can offer a visit to perform oral endoscopic examination and provide a report with images detailing any pathology present in the mouth.

Horses are skilled at disguising dental pain, and adjusting eating patterns to cope with developing problems. We have treated many horses with advanced dental disorders within weeks of purchase following full pre-purchase examinations.

This service is provided as an additional service to new horses owners wishing to avoid dental problems following purchase. The price for a pre-purchase oroscopic dental assessment is £120 plus a regional visit fee (includes sedation, full head, oral and dental examination including oroscopy, and VAT; x-rays can be arranged at the same time if required).

The oroscopic images below were taken from horses with no outward symptoms of disease.

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