• Welcome to the Equine Dental Clinic Ltd (EDC)

    EDC is Europe’s first and largest specialist veterinary practice dedicated to equine dentistry.

  • Equine Veterinary
    Dentistry Services

    • Modern clinical approach
    • Advanced equine dental services and referrals
    • Training & CPD
    • UK wide service
    • NW Regional Branch

  • Advanced and Referral Dentistry

    • Oral extractions, periodontal disease
    • Minimally invasive surgical procedures
    • Restorative and endodontic therapy

  • Routine Maintenance Dentistry

    • Clinical dental examination
    • Controlled rasping and balancing
    • Advice on developing problems
    • High value expert service

We are a true centre of excellence for equine dentistry offering routine, advanced and specialist referral equine dentistry services.

The practice was started by Chris Pearce MRCVS in January 2013 to provide high quality equine veterinary dentistry services across the UK. EDC currently operates with three veterinary surgeons including Chris Pearce and Nicole du Toit, both European and RCVS Recognised Specialists in equine dentistry, Nicky Brooks and Sam Baker, our resident in equine dentistry based at our regional branch in the NW. All our vets are highly experienced equine vets, with specialist training and years of experience in equine dentistry. Services include:

  • Clinic based and visiting routine and referral services
  • Advanced dental, oral and head surgical procedures
  • Advanced imaging including Siemens Somatron 16-slice Computed Tomography (CT) scanner

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We provide a modern competitive equine dentistry service with treatments carried out at our own purpose built clinic in Dorset, or at various other equine practices and facilities throughout the UK.

  • Equine dental referral services for vets and equine dental technicians (EDTs)
  • Investigation for any dental problem, with advanced imaging including digital oral video camera, digital x-ray and computed tomography (CT scanning)
  • We offer all modern dental treatments including cheek tooth extractions for infected teeth, diastema management, cavity restorations, root canal fillings and minimally invasive surgical treatments all performed under standing sedation
  • We perform surgery for sinus and nasal disorders often using mini trans-nasal digital endoscopy and small sinus trephines
  • Modern competitive routine maintenance dentistry service at your premises, or at our dental clinic in Dorset; Appointments within a 25 mile radius from our clinic are offered at fixed price; group yard clinics available at preferential rates – see our Routine Dental Care page
  • Main clinic located in Wimborne, Dorset, regional branch near Preston, Lancashire, visiting clinics all across UK

Equine Dental CPD Courses

We run our own unique ‘Key Skills’ CPD Series for both vets and EDTs. Our courses range from 1 to 3 days and cover all aspects of modern dental practice.

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Get in Touch

If you have any questions about any aspect of equine dentistry, or would like to arrange an appointment for any routine or problem case, then we’re here to help.

We can arrange all aspects of a dental referral for you, just contact us in the first instance for advice and help.

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